Why is DevSecOps Failing Us?

Team Wabbi

February 28, 2023

Why is DevSecOps Failing?

Jim Mercer, Research Director, DevOps & DevSecOps at IDC and Brittany Greenfield, CEO & Founder of Wabbi discuss why DevSecOps is failing. IT and security leaders recognize the critical need to integrate security into development. However, they’re struggling to execute, according to IDG research. That’s why a best-in-class approach—one that empowers the development team to take ownership—gives organizations a clear path to delivering secure code. Watch this webinar to learn from industry experts how best-in-class companies are overcoming the great disconnect. 

Automation is essential to move at speed and scale. However, there is a disconnect between the need for automation and its relatively low adoption rate into devsecops processes. For example, only 38% of the respondents have automated the feedback sharing process between development and security. The amount of interaction between the two groups and the need to track and document it cry out for automation. Continuous security is a catalyst for automated collaboration and the elimination of manual processes that create vulnerabilities and other roadblocks to innovation. A platform that pulls together devops and secops workflows throughout the SDLC is a major step in the right direction toward removing the great disconnect around security integration.

Click the link below to watch the full webinar!

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