With Software Powering the World, Application Security is Everything.

Stop believing that deploying security in your SDLC has to be hard just because it has always been. 

Automatically assign security policies based on project attributes and your risk profile for each application, version, environment, and asset. Then, translate those policies into orchestrated workflows from ticket creation to scheduled scans, approvals and controls – all from one platform: Wabbi.

Manage and orchestrate the full lifecycle of vulnerabilities from triggering scans proactively based on SDLC events and schedules, or reactively in response to security events to correlating and consolidating, rescoring based on application risk, and monitoring fix SLAs to ensure no vulnerability falls in the cracks. 

End-to-end management of the complete application security program as an integrated part of the SDLC ensures continuous security compliance, prioritization, and analysis throughout the lifecycle of the application as your single control point to reduce friction, scale AppSec and improve secure code quality. 

The Secure SDLC Platform for the Enterprise

Wabbi translates security policies into development processes, so you can deliver on the promise of DevSecOps AND still achieve Continuous Security


Scale your Application Security team by reducing their manual work and directing their attention to the most urgent issues


Ensure consistent deployment and execution of application security processes as part of the software development lifecycle


Provide context-based prioritization of all security activities without asking your Development team to leave their existing workflows.


out of 10 breaches are due to software defects

End-to-End ASPM to Power your DevSecOps

Wabbi’s Continous Security platform orchestrates & manages every component of your Application Security program for compliance without sacrificing velocity or agility.

Secure Coding

Deliver secure coding information directly to developers in their existing tools and environments so they know the right thing to do at the right time

Dynamic Policy Deployment

Ensure the right policy is followed every time even as changes occur on the security requirements or on the application layer

Application Security Management

A single command, control, and monitoring solution gives you end-to-end management of your AppSec program for complete visibility and compliance

Get to know the flip-side of Application Security Management

Enterprises are


less likely to release vulnerable code when Development teams are empowered to own Application Security


Why Wabbi?

This product helps my quality of life at this company more than anything I’ve seen in recent years allowing my team of 3 to do the work of 8-10.

Principal Cyber Architect

for 1,800 Developers

With Wabbi, we stopped wondering if we were going to pass security review and started knowing how and when. 

Director of Product Management

for Public FinTech

Wabbi is the glue that pulls together all of my Security and DevOps tools and processes.

Head of DevSecOps

for Top 100 Retailer

We’re Here

to Help!

Get started with Application Security Posture Management (ASPM) so that you can finally achieve the promise of DevSecOps doesn’t have to be overwhelming. Check out our most popular resources to help you get started, or visit our full resource library.

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