We are excited to announce that we have closed our most recent round of funding led by Mendoza Ventures, with participation from Cisco Investments.

Why does deploying Security in
your DevOps pipeline have to be
so hard?

It doesn’t.


Scaling Application Security Across Modern Development Teams

Wabbi’s Continuous Security platform integrates with existing development workflows to empower Development teams to own AppSec, while Security gets accountability. Gone are the days where teams have to decide between security and agility. With Wabbi, they can have both.


Analyze results and data from existing SecOps and DevOps tools to understand project attributes, and security risk profiles that will drive downstream decisions. 


Have confidence that security standards are being met by viewing pertinent information regarding everything from policies and procedures, to controls, right in your existing DevOps workflows


Create automated and educated decisions back in the development pipeline, so code keeps shipping with complete confidence that it meets the most current standards.

Automated Governance

Say goodbye to Application Security by Excel  with Wabbi. The platform allows you to set the parameters in which policies should be assigned, and understand when they have – and when they have not – been followed to make real-time decisions to keep code shipping. 

Security Profiles

Wabbi is integrated with ticketing systems such as Jira and Boards to assign security profiles based on design attributes to ensure consistent and repeatable application of security guidelines by all stakeholders in Security and Development, even as projects and security requirements evolve.

Dynamic Management

Both security and software are continually evolving, so with Wabbi continuously and dynamically manage your security requirements as part of your CI/CD to ensure code is always ready to ship in line with the most current security standards, no matter what changes. 

out of 10 Breaches are due to software defects



days to fix a vulnerability in production

times more costly to fix a vulnerability in production


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