Secure Release Management

A Checklist is not Release Management

With Wabbi, get the confidence to know your code is being shipped in line with security standards. Every time.

Reduce Friction

Orchestrate policy-based release workflows and integrate them right into the tools development teams are already using to keep their focus where it needs to be – on shipping code.

Dynamic Controls

Control your release gates by environment so you don’t have to stop everything to fix one thing, so QA to continue testing while development remediates vulnerabilities.


One Definitive Truth

With your security gates integrated, automated and orchestrated in the development process, you have one source of truth for the go/no-go on each release.


When Security can’t move at the speed of Development, it gets left behind.

SLA tracking for remediation across time and versions

Full audit trails for post-release analysis

Overrides based on custom parameters such as time & compliance

Integration into build tools for automated go/no-go

Correlate and aggregate vulnerability scan results across tools and time in a single record

Overrides based on various parameters such as time and compliance

De-risk project delivery

By orchestrating the end-to-end application security program, Wabbi answers these questions AS code is being developed, not after it, for seamless security release management. 

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