Risk Index

Reduce Risk AND Maximize Impact.

Every organization is faced with limited time and money – use Wabbi’s Risk Index to know where to focus your resources to minimize risk.

Harness Application Security Risk.

Wabbi’s ASPM Risk Index enables organizations to make informed decisions about where to allocate resources for maximum impact. By understanding the relative risk levels of different applications, organizations can invest in security measures that provide the most significant risk reduction and return on investment.

Easily Understand Risk Posture

Prioritize Remediation Efforts

Holistic, Custom Risk Analysis

Measure Effectiveness of Controls

Understand Vulnerability Profiles

Improve Security Posture

Security can’t fix what they can’t see.

And they can’t ask Development to fix it either.

Comprehensive Visibility


Support vulnerability management by prioritizing vulnerabilities in the context of that application’s risk profile to take action to mitigate risk.


Assess your compliance status by highlighting areas of non-compliance or weaknesses that need to be addressed to meet regulatory standards.


Regularly assess and monitor the security posture of applications, allowing organizations to adapt security strategies in the face of evolving cyber threats.

Effortless SDLC Risk Management

With Wabbi, streamline your application security with intuitive tools and proactive insights, for full software development lifecycle security risk management without the complexity.