Application security isn’t just about cyber risk, but overall business risk. Wabbi bridges the gap between security and development so both teams can do their jobs – better.


Application Security Posture Management (ASPM) is the backbone of any Application Security program. Without it, you’ll fail to integrate security and create more bottlenecks. Wabbi’s platform provides end-to-end AppSec orchestration throughout the software development lifecycle.


Continuous Security

Continuous integration, continuous delivery is all about that word: continuous. It means you are always shipping code in line with the most current needs of the business, even as they continually evolve. With Wabbi, application security can now be continuous as it automatically responds to changes both in the security policies and at the application layer so code is always ready to ship in line with the most current security standards.


The word DevSecOps says it all:  integrate Security into DevOps. But without orchestration, DevOps and AppSec processes will still be disconnected. Wabbi’s platform ensures security is integrated into every step of the software development lifecycle, without disrupting security or development’s existing workflows so organizations can finally realize the promise of DevSecOps.



Secure DevOps

Secure DevOps (SecDevOps) ensures the software developmetnt lifecycle (SDLC) has security integrated into it from design to release and maintnance. By automating and orchestrating the Application Security process, Wabbi enables end-to-end Secure DevOps to improve productivity and reduce project delivery risk.


Governance & Compliance

With Wabbi’s platform, security, governance, and compliance teams can stop asking if something has been done, and start knowing. With a full audit trail and automated gating, you can now have the confidence to know that your application security risk is being managed to whatever your standards are.



With Wabbi, Application Security Owners become scalable across the development organization no matter the size or complexity. Empowered with a centralized policy repository, AppSec Managers can set their policies and get real-time feedback on their efficacy. This way, they know when and where they need to focus their energy, while Development follows the secure coding practices and controls they’ve set at the core of their Application Security Program.



Wabbi’s automated governance allows Ops teams to send a single request to Wabbi to signal it to check if a product or feature passes the current security standards before releasing it. If It doesn’t pass, Wabbi lets them know exactly what it needs to be fixed, and who needs to fix it to ensure code keeps shipping.



Instead of getting to the end of a release cycle and wondering if the product will pass security review, Product Managers now have the confidence to know that it will. From Guided Decisions to the ability to manage vulnerabilities as part of the existing backlog, PMs get the visibility they need to get their applications out on time, on budget, on spec.




Stop expecting developers to become security experts. With Wabbi, Developers get the information they need to execute on secure coding practices right in their existing workflows so they know the right thing to do at the right time.



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