How does Wabbi work?

Team Wabbi

October 21, 2022

Regardless of the size of an organization, cybersecurity is a requirement for anyone in the software business or tech industry. Sure there are a lot of cybersecurity platforms out there but Wabbi is unique in that it protects a software company’s IP, its team, and its finances. Wabbi is based on a continuous security approach which enables immediate identification, prioritization and automatically implements security policy automations.

Wabbi helps software companies in three main areas: Development, Security, and Product Management.


Let’s talk about Development.

Wabbi is very developer friendly in that it removes the burden of being a security expert. Instead of being bogged down with managing multiple security tools, excel sheets, policy books, etc – Wabbi allows developers to easily view security policies and secure coding process directly in the places they’re already working like IDE, Jira, or other channels.

Another added benefit of implementing Wabbi during the development process is it will crack down on the rate of security bug escapes, allowing for developers to easily take accountability and responsibility for security measures in real-time and not an afterthought.

Automation efficiency during the development phase. With automated decision making happening within workflows, developers aren’t bogged down with performing time-consuming, repetitive tasks like creating tickets or confirming meetings.

    Next let’s talk about Security.

    Wabbi is a huge benefit to security teams. Due to the automation of Wabbi’s workflows, security teams can spend less time creating and enforcing policies and more time on strategic projects that directly impact the organization’s bottom line. For enterprise teams, Wabbi uses its predictive analytics to help an organization understand the effort utilized in managing security debt, so that it projects are always on-time, on-budget, and of course, safe and secure.

    Additionally, Wabbi embeds security into the culture of both development and operations teams. This in turn helps with the prevention and elimination of security vulnerabilities and workflow inefficiencies. Simply put, Wabbi shows the right people when security policies aren’t being followed and clarifies the risk for that project. When policies aren’t being followed it automatically pushes the notification through to a ticketing system for a quicker resolution.

    And finally, Product & Project Management.

    Wabbi’s simple integration into workflows and easy to use platform eliminates the need for checklists and spreadsheets. No more need for tracking, monitoring, and enforcing the ever-evolving changing security protocls. Instead, Wabbi manages all of that for teams so they can work more efficiently and know that security is still prioritized and ongoing throughout the entire software development life cycle.

    In addition to increasing efficiency, Wabbi provides a fully visible audit trail so organizations can have insight into which teams followed security policies, if they were skipped, or more importantly; identify the causes for overrides. In a nutshell Wabbi helps teams understand why bottlenecks and roadblocks happen and assists with faster resolution. And last but not least, Wabbi provides dashboards that help organizations understand the pulse of each release.

    The “Sec” in SecDevOps is ongoing with Wabbi’s Continuous Security Platform because security is so interwoven within the entire software development life cycle, workflow, and development team. Wabbi is an integral partner to any modern software development company that aims to deliver high quality, secure software, and apps.



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