Visual Studio Code


The Wabbi Visual Studio Code integration provides developers with seamless access to essential security policies and the ability to offer feedback directly within their IDE, integrating smoothly into their workflow.

Developer Empowerment

The Wabbi Visual Studio Code Integration is an integral part of Wabbi’s comprehensive ASPM platform, designed to manage the entire Application Security Lifecycle throughout the SDLC.

With this integration, developers can:

  • Integrate with Visual Studio Code: Receive real-time notifications and updates within the familiar IDE environment.
  • Stay Informed: Keep up with security events and tasks without leaving their coding workflow, enabling swift responses and improved collaboration.
  • Consolidate Insights: Access security insights and actions directly within Visual Studio Code, ensuring smooth coordination and efficient handling of security issues during development.

AppSec Transparency

Developers are no longer in the dark about application security policies. Directly in their IDE, they receive clear policies and controls to apply secure coding practices to their work, all without interrupting their coding flow.

  • Clear Guidance: Get application security policies and controls directly within Visual Studio Code, eliminating uncertainty and ensuring compliance with secure coding standards.
  • Secure Coding: Integrate specific policies and controls seamlessly within the developer’s workflow, promoting secure coding without disruption.
  • Confident Implementation: Empower developers to confidently apply necessary security measures while writing code.


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Visual Studio Code

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