The Wabbi Confluence integration offers developers seamless access to relevant policies and feedback within their IDE, seamlessly integrating into their workflow without interruption. 

Developer Empowerment

The Wabbi Confluence Integration is a fundamental component of Wabbi’s comprehensive ASPM platform, designed to oversee every aspect of the Application Security Lifecycle throughout the SDLC. 

Through this integration, developers can: 

  • Integrate with Confluence, providing instant notifications and updates within the familiar Confluence environment. 
  • Remain informed about security events and tasks without leaving their coding workflow, facilitating rapid responses and enhanced collaboration. 
  • Consolidate security insights and actions directly within Confluence, ensuring seamless coordination and efficient handling of security matters during development. 

    AppSec Transparency

    Developers no longer need to speculate about the application security policies required for code deployment. Within their IDE, they receive clear directives on the specific policies and controls necessary to implement secure coding practices seamlessly, without interrupting their workflow. 

    Clear Direction: Access application security policies and controls directly within Confluence, removing ambiguity and promoting compliance with secure coding practices.  

    Enhanced Security: Seamlessly integrate specific policies and controls into the developer’s workflow, fostering secure coding practices without interruption.  

    Assured Execution: This integrated solution enables developers to confidently apply essential security measures during code development.  



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