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Application Security Posture Management


Tackling the DevSecOps hairball requires help from a variety of stakeholders, however with with Application Security Posture Management (ASPM), the stakeholders can reap the benefits of a fully integrated AppSec program as part of the SDLC for themselves, their teams, and their organizations.


Learn from the perspectives of these four key stakeholders so you can finally get your DevSecOps Hairball under control. 



Ensuring Compliance & Risk Mitigation

For Chief Information Security Officers (CISOs), ASPM is instrumental in maintaining compliance with security standards and regulations. ASPM enables them to enforce security policies consistently across all systems and applications, fostering a culture of cybersecurity awareness within the organization while mitigating risks effectively. 


VP of Engineering

Balancing Velocity & Agility with Security

With a holistic approach to Application Security, ASPM enables teams and organizations to align their security activities with their business priorities. This ensures that efforts are focused on what is most impactful in reducing both security and delivery risk. 

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AppSec Manager

Navigating Scalability & Complexity

AppSec Managers are at the forefront of defending organizations against cybersecurity threats. They develop and implement robust security policies, conduct regular assessments, and lead response efforts during security incidents. ASPM empowers them to address the challenges of scale and complexity efficiently, allowing seamless scalability of security operations while reducing the risk of breaches.  



Delivering Quality, Secure Code On Time 

Developers are tasked with balancing tight deadlines with the need for secure code. ASPM provides them with the tools and resources to navigate the cybersecurity landscape confidently. By cutting through the noise of security alerts, empowering creativity, and ensuring efficient protection, ASPM enables developers to innovate fearlessly while safeguarding their creations. 

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 Wherever your are in your DevSecOps journey, 
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