The SonarQube integration provides a seamless experience throughout the SDLC by consolidating all security tools and policies into a unified view.

Integrated Security scanning

The Wabbi SonarQube Integration is part of Wabbi’s comprehensive ASPM platform, engineered to oversee every aspect of the Application Security Lifecycle throughout the SDLC.

This integration empowers users to:

  • Seamlessly amalgamate results from diverse testing tools into a unified platform.
  • Guarantee the uniform enforcement of scanning rules and policies.
  • Efficiently oversee the comprehensive application security risk from a centralized interface.

    Scheduled scanning

    Automate SonarQube scans at pivotal junctures throughout your application’s lifecycle, under the guidance of Wabbi’s ASPM platform and orchestration.

    • Initiate security scans automatically at key stages in the SDLC.
    • Prioritize vulnerabilities based on your application’s policies.
    • Expedite remediation efforts by seamlessly integrating with Jira ticketing.
    • Monitor and track progress to ensure comprehensive vulnerability resolution.


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