By Hannah Green – Inno Reporter March 03, 2022

Our Boston Inno Madness competition is here. We’ve got 64 local companies vying for the coveted title of 2022 Inno Madness champion.

What is Inno Madness?

Inno Madness is our friendly, bracket-style challenge where readers vote to advance companies based on one question: Who would you invest in? Whether you believe in one mission or product slightly over the other or would prefer to back a more established company versus an early-stage startup, how you answer that question is entirely up to you. The bracket is designed to shine a spotlight on 64 innovative, fast-growing local businesses.

The bracket, which BostInno’s editorial team assembled based on nominations submitted by readers in recent weeks, encompasses a broad range of private, venture capital-backed or bootstrapped firms. In some cases, startups in their earliest stages will compete against some established favorites.

Take a look at the participating companies in our bracket and read the contest rules here.

The bracket is meant to represent the full breadth and diversity of the ecosystem. In the end, think of the bracket as just a fun look into tech local companies you need to know in 2022. Last year, MineralTree took home the trophy. Other past winners include Berkshire Grey (2020), Toast (2019) and Botkeeper (2018).

Take a look at our voting guide below. Then, scroll down to cast your vote.

When Can I Vote?

Boston’s Inno Madness includes several stages, as the competition gets narrowed down over the course of several weeks. We’ll keep you posted on who’s advancing, and who’s not, right here on and in the Beat. Subscribe here if you’re not already on the list.

Here’s the voting schedule to keep track of each move as voters decide who’s advancing to the next level. Voting will close at 9 a.m. on the final day of each round to give us time to tally the votes before the next round starts.

Round 1: March 3 to 7

Round 2: March 8 to 11

Round 3: March 12 to 15

Round 4: March 16 to 21

Round 5: March 22 to 25

Round 6: March 26 to March 30

2022 Inno Madness Champion announced: April 1

Now, it’s time to get to the voting. Once each round of voting closes, we’ll advance the winners.

How do I Vote?

You can vote in the bracket below, which will be automatically updated throughout the competition.

Let’s go! 


Meet this year’s players, which are broken up into four regions.

Region A

Mirakl: Mirakl operates an enterprise marketplace SaaS platform.

Aqua Security: A cloud native security company.

Iterative Scopes: An AI medicine company in the gastroenterology space.

ZAGENO: A marketplace operator providing supplies to the researcher community.

HYCU Inc.: This company operates a marketplace that is a source of supplies for the researcher community.

CATALOG: A company building a DNA-based platform for digital data storage and computation.

Stavvy: Stavvy has created a secure platform that simplifies workflows for banks, lenders, servicers and other organizations.

Jobble: A software company that operates a gig marketplace for independent workers.

Kebotix: This technology company is automating the scientific method using a proprietary, closed-loop R&D process to predict and produce new chemistries in a self-driving lab.

Aliaswire Inc.: A software company that is developing products to improve how a business pays and gets paid.

ApartmentAdvisor: Founded by TripAdvisor and CarGurus alumni to bring transparency to apartment searches.

Wabbi: A cybersecurity company trying to modernize how application security is deployed.

juli health: A health app that supports people with chronic health conditions like asthma, migraine, depression, bipolar disorder or chronic pain.

Empida: This company created a well-being platform for building team togetherness, company culture and employee well-being.

Good Filling Inc.: A refillable distributor of all-natural, eco-friendly household soaps, cleaners and detergents.

Breakout Fun!: A software company that makes educational games and activities for the classroom.

Region B

Klaviyo: A customer data and marketing automation company.

Inari: A biotech using predictive design and gene editing on seeds to make a more sustainable future for the food system.

Starburst: Software analytics startup that was the the first tech company from Massachusetts to hit a $1 billion valuation in 2021.

Embark Veterinary: A company offering dog DNA tests that can provide information about a pet’s breed, ancestry, health and more.

Reprise: A company that offers a demo/product experience platform.

IntelyCare: This software company connects per-diem nursing professionals with shifts at different facilities.

Allego: Allego is using its mobile technology to ensure teams can quickly create and share interactive content to train, onboard, coach, etc.

Armored Things: This company provides SaaS solutions for crowd intelligence.

RaySecur: A security company that has developed 3D imaging to detect threats inside items, such as mailed letters and packages.

Plannuh: A cloud-based company for building and managing marketing plans, budgets and ROI.

Guidesly Inc.: This company has developed an app providing anglers a real-time booking system for fishing guides.

SplitSpot: A company trying to make the rental process easier through flexible leases, roommate introductions, 3D tours, on-call maintenance, etc.

FiVerity: This computer software company specializes in cyber fraud defense for lending institutions.

ScootRoute: A company with its own app for scooter navigation.

Significard: This startup offers personalized greeting card subscriptions based on a personality quiz.

SkinGame Invest: SkinGame created a social media app for users to interact with verified profitable investors who have a proven track record of success.

Region C

Aura: A digital security company trying to create a safer internet.

Devo Technology: Devo has created a cloud-native logging and security analytics platform to protect organizations.

NewStore: This retail software company uses its mobile-first, modular cloud platform to help brands manage point of sale, inventory, order management, etc.

AtScale: A computer software company providing business intelligence and data science across all industries.

ReversingLabs: A computer and network security company specializing in cloud-delivered services.

ChaosSearch: This company has built a platform for cost-effective, highly scalable analytics encompassing full text search, SQL and machine learning capabilities.

Realtime Robotics: This company has created new automation features for robots and autonomous vehicles, including risk-aware driving and automated robot vision that continuously calibrates itself.

Pixability Inc.: A marketing and advertising company that helps brands launch campaigns across across YouTube and Connected TV.

Knox Financial: Knox is a financial services company using data and automation to manage investment properties.

Modulate: A startup using machine learning to make voice completely customizable. This out-of-home advertising startup was founded by Google, HubSpot and Wayfair alumni.

Solchroma: This company is building light pollution-free outdoor digital displays.

USEFULL: USEFULL provides a circular solution for returnable to-go cups and containers enabling cafes and restaurants to save money and waste.

Smile: This dating app matches users based on their sense of humor.

SimSpace: A cybersecurity risk management company.

Advanced eClinical Training: This company provides online, self-paced health courses for pre-health undergraduate and post-baccalaureate students.

Region D

ezCater: Restaurants and caterers use ezCater’s platform to grow and manage their food services.

BitSight: A computer software company that helps client manage third-party risk, underwrite cyber insurance policies, benchmark performance, conduct M&A due diligence and assess risk.

HqO: This company has created a workplace experience platform that includes an app, analytics suite, hybrid work tools and a flex space management system

connectRN: With its online platform, this company connects nurses to share opportunities and their stories with others.

mabl: Using codeless test automation, AI and cloud technology, mabl makes continuous testing easy and scalable.

LinkSquares: This company developed an AI-powered, end-to-end contract lifecycle management platform.

Sea Machines Robotics: This company builds autonomous control and navigation systems for commercial boats and ships.

Indico Data: Indico’s platform helps companies automate, analyze, and apply unstructured data, including documents, emails, images and videos.

Allure Security: A computer security company whose technology finds and destroys fake sites, apps and social profiles that lead to identity and payment fraud.

GelSight: This company is working on 3D imaging, perceptual modeling and signal processing technologies for the aerospace industry.

CYTRIO: CYTRIO’s SaaS data privacy rights management platform helps companies comply with data privacy regulations.

Compt: Compt developed an employee stipend and rewards software that’s customizable to a company’s needs, IRS-compliant and capable of supporting global teams.

Paragonix Technologies Inc.: This company makes medical devices that safeguard organs during the journey between donor and recipient.

Wings: This startup is a robotics and AI startup bringing its products to local cannabis dispensaries.

DocFox: DocFox works with financial institutions on advancing document processing with document inspection, data capture and comparison of any document with a suite of automation tools.

Contract Logix: A company that helps organizations digitally draft, negotiate, approve, execute and manage their contracts.


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