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Continuous Security Platform



Get control of your security issues as part of development workflows to prevent bottlenecks and drag on your backlog

application security is so much
more than just vulnerabilities

As the DevOps toolchain has proliferated, so has the set of tools necessary to secure an application. This creates a complex and messy set of security issue data that without project-level context, no team could manage at the speed of development without automation. 

Security issues comprise everything from failed controls to vulnerability reports, and dismissed policies. Vulnerability management alone is an incomplete application security program.

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Project-Based Prioritization

Based on the project specific profile and quality gates, Wabbi re-scores the security issues to ensure they’re remediated in the order that matches the project’s priorities, integrating the associated work items into the backlog.

Real-Time Vulnerability Management

As policies change to accommodate new risk tolerance and threat intel, Wabbi automatically re-prioritizes vulnerabilities as part of the backlog, updating the overall Application Security health and creating work items in the ticketing system.

Control & Plan for Security Debt

Understand effort dedicated to managing security debt to gain control of your team’s work related to security issues. Additionally, predictive analytics help budget for security-related work during planning so projects can be delivered on-time, on-budget.

Monitor Policy & Control Compliance

Know which policies and controls have not been followed, and when necessary issues are automatically created in Wabbi and pushed to the ticketing system to ensure they are resolved in a timely matter without creating unnecessary bottlenecks.


With Wabbi’s Continuous Security platform, Development organizations can make sense of the security noise without disrupting their existing workflows. Through the custom profile that gets assigned to every project based on the design details, Wabbi analyzes, prioritizes, and automates actions to ensure code keeps shipping and security standards are met.


Continuous Security enables enterprises to transform their Application Security data into actionable information for educated, and automated, decision making in Development workflows



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