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Continuous Security Platform

Security Gatekeeper
for Release Control

Have the confidence to know your code is shipped in line with security standards every time with The Wabbi Gatekeeper.


Your automated release infrastructure should be just that – automated. Unfortunately, security release requirements are often stuck in checklists and inboxes, waiting for people to process them.  Without automated governance, teams must choose to wait for the manual processes to verify code is up to security standards, or release with high hopes that there aren’t any large gaps. Both choices lead to increased cyber and delivery risk, dragging on Development productivity.​


DevOps automation ensures bottlenecks are prevented, identified, and removed so code keeps shipping, but without Continuous Security, security remains one of the biggest bottlenecks of all.

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Environment-Level Control

Don’t let security hold up your testing! With the Wabbi gatekeeper you can set different security standards by environment, so your QA processes can continue, while vulnerabilities are being remediated.

Automated Approval Workflows

When an environment doesn’t meet standards but needs to be released, Wabbi knows the right approval workflows and automatically notifies stakeholders in their preferred communication channel.

Remediation Prioritizaiton

When the build fails due to not meeting security standards, Wabbi displays the information for teams to bring it into compliance so they can continue shipping.

Full Audit Trail

Access a full-audit trail at any time to know what the security requirements were at the time code was shipped, and if there was an override to simplify breach post-mortems and compliance requirements. 


With The Gatekeeper on Wabbi’s Continuous Security Platform, security quality controls are automated to ensure that security keeps up with the rest of your DevOps automation. No longer a bottleneck, application security becomes integrated into all quality checks so code continues to ship on-time, on-budget, and on-spec.

The Wabbi Gatekeeper orchestrates all security quality checks to ensure that code being shipped always meets the current security standards – and when it doesn’t, it knows who to notify and what needs to be fixed.



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