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Policies are the core of every Application Security program. Ensure they are consistently implemented with Wabbi.

If an policy is sent out & devOps didn’t read it, did it make a noise? 

Unfortunately, despite the great efforts of security to continuously revise and distribute policies that match the current risk profile and external threat activity of the enterprise, too often these policies get buried in emails and training, unavailable when the DevOps teams need it the most – when they need to execute it. Without real-time policy information in existing DevOps workflows, AppSec policy assignment becomes prone to error – requiring many already time-strapped Development and Security resources to ensure the proper ones are assigned. 

A policy is a reflection of a company’s risk profile and goals, how to execute it, when to apply it and how to control for it. There is no one-size fits all approach to assigning policies to projects. 


Application Security Policy Managemetn

With Wabbi’s Continous Security platform, Security teams have access to a centralized Application Security Policy Management system to take the manual work out of administering and updating policies. This gives them the confidence to know that the right policies are being applied to the right projects. And Development teams no longer have to wade through pages of policies to make a best guess effort of selecting the right policy set — instead, they now get full transparency with automated policy assignment at the start of their project.

Continous Security gives enterprises continuous policy awareness for real-time policy efficacy, coverage, and compliance monitoring 

Key Benefits

Centralized Policy Management

Get out of managing and distributing policies in Excel and PDF! With Wabbi’s centralized policy management, create, edit, and monitor policies in a single place to keep your focus on creating and deploying the best policies.  

Automated Policy Assignment

Wabbi’s easy to use onboarding survey assigns policies starting in the Design phase by integrating with your ticketing system to take the grunt work out of figuring out the right policies for each project. 

Real-time Policy Updates

Never worry about tracking down what policies are in place on what projects again. When policies or project details change, stakeholders are automatically notified of all changes, including to the risk status. 

Policy Performance Monitoring

Understand when policies are not being followed – and get front-line feedback about why not to continuously improve policies and ensure ongoing AppSec policy coverage in the SDLC. 

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