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Untimely information means Development teams don’t know when policies have been violated, leaving Application Security in the rear-view mirror.

Integrating results from existing Application Security tools, Wabbi provides Development teams real-time feedback on security policies.

SecDevOps Policy Based Design
Application Security Policy Managemetn


 What are the policies that impact this project?

The survey onboards the project into Wabbi from the ticketing system, informs PMs of the policies for their project and creates a base risk score.

Application Security Policy Managemetn


 What do I need to know to build this feature securely?

Developers are informed in their IDE of the applicable policies for their feature and notified of changes via email or slack.

Application Security Policy Managemetn


 Does this code meet the security requirements to be compiled?

Build tools check with Wabbi to see if the features have passed the controls to allow it to be added into the repo.

Application Security Policy Managemetn


 What are the vulnerability scan results and what do they mean for this feature?

Vulnerability results are returned to Wabbi which evaluates the results in the context of the project to produce the Wabbi risk score.

Application Security Policy Managemetn


 Has this been approved to be released into production?

The deployment tool checks with Wabbi for an automated go/no go decision. If there is a manual override Wabbi manages the risk acceptance workflow.

Application Security Policy Managemetn


How quickly does this vulnerability need to be resolved?

For vulnerabilities allowed into production, Wabbi prioritizes them and automatically updates based on threat landscape and policy changes.

Application Security Policy Managemetn


How well do my policies work and how can I improve?

Wabbi evaluates and provides feedback on policies. Additionally, Wabbi users can engage with open and closed Wabbi communities to ID and install policies.

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