With software powering the world

Application Security is Everything.

Wabbi’s Continuous Security Platform Centralizes, Automates & Orchestrates 

Security Governance & Vulnerability Management to

 Empower Development Teams to own Application Security in their workflows.

App Sec Orchestration

Automatically assign security policies based on project attributes and your risk profile for each application, version, environment, and asset. Then, translate those policies into orchestrated workflows from ticket creation to scheduled scans, approvals and controls – all from one platform: Wabbi.

Vulnerability Management

Application Security is about more than just scans. Correlate, duplicate, and prioritize vulnerabilities from scanners to failed controls, dismissed policies, misconfigurations, and more in the context of each application so your teams know what to fix, when.

Secure Release Management

Take release management out of Excel and into the development process. With full visibility into what policies have and haven’t been followed, and what needs to be done to bring an application into compliance, Wabbi is the ultimate go/no-go for security gatekeeping to keep secure code shipping.









DevSecOps Orchestration

why you need continuous security

DevSecOps is Broken

DevSecOps took a tool-based approach to fix a process problem, leaving teams drowning in testing data without any information. Wabbi translates security policies into development processes, so you can deliver on the promise of DevOps AND still achieve Continuous Security.

out of 10 Breaches are due to software defects



days to fix a vulnerability in production

times more costly to fix a vulnerability in production

Scalable DevSecOps

A dedicated Application Security Orchestration & Correlation Platform (ASOC), Wabbi ensures consistency in the execution of Application Security processes – regardless of whether it is Dev or Ops performing the task. 

Risk-based Prioritization

Wabbi prioritizes security activities & analyze risk in development based on business risk attributes, not just cyber all from a single platform, while reducing security noise in the backlog to ensure the right vulnerabilities get fixed at the right time. 

Flexible Deployment

When it comes to AppSec and DevOps, there is no one size fits all – so with Wabbi, you can deploy your DevSecOps program in the way that best meets the needs of your organization, application, and teams so you can keep code shipping securely. 

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