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Why Log4j is a Lesson in Prioritization

The recent Log4j vulnerability, which Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) Director Jen Easterly called “the most serious vulnerability I have seen in my decades-long career,” forced many Security and Development teams to work through the holidays...

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How does Wabbi work?

Regardless of the size of an organization, cybersecurity is a requirement for anyone in the software business or tech industry. Sure there are a lot of cybersecurity platforms out there but Wabbi is unique in that it protects a software company’s IP, its team, and its...

Why is AppSec important?

We live in a world powered by software - and AppSec is everything but necessary from day 1. It’s vital for developers and operations security teams to integrate AppSec from the beginning of the development lifecycle. Recent research has shown 98% of companies believe...

DevSecOps: Why it needs to be in every SDLC

In a perfect development world, security is an integral part of the process and is integrated into the complete software development cycle. With practicing this approach, development teams implement security protocols and have a clear understanding of policies and...

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Why Federal?

Why Federal?

I was recently asked how Wabbi's federal strategy is different from our commercial strategy.  The answer is that it’s not. Both have teams look to ship software rapidly as a competitive advantage and understand security is a bottleneck when not deployed correctly. In...


Wabbi Statement on Recent Events

Wabbi Statement on Recent Events

Like many people, my start of June 2020 has been filled with much conversation surrounding the protests around the country and the world in the wake of the death of George Floyd. As I believe we cannot fully understand and move forward until we take the time to absorb...

Wabbi Founder & CEO Joins MassTLC Board

Wabbi Founder & CEO Joins MassTLC Board

On Wednesday, June 26th MassTLC welcomed three of the region’s top tech leaders on to its Board of Trustees. The new trustees, elected on March 22nd, include: Brittany Greenfield, CEO of Wabbi, a DevOps security company just out of stealth mode; Yogesh Gupta, CEO,...


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