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Wabbi Expands C-Suite with Key Executive Hires

BOSTON (PRWEB) JANUARY 18, 2022 - Chief Operating Officer, Chief Revenue Officer, and Chief Financial Officer join Wabbi leadership team at a time of heightened growth in putting SecDevOps at the forefront of automating application security programs. Continuous...

Stop Treating Security like Leather Seats

When was the last time you had to buy a new car? Some enjoy the haggling while others hate it, but if you want to maximize your ability to negotiate on price you’ll need to review the car’s models and options. For any given car, automakers generally present you with...

Wabbi Teams with Veracode to Enable Enterprises to Reduce Software Risk While Improving Developer Productivity

BOSTON (PRWEB) DECEMBER 07, 2021 Wabbi, a Continuous Security platform, today announced its partnership with Veracode, the largest global provider of application security testing (AST), offering a holistic, scalable way for organizations to manage security risks...

Female-founded Cybersecurity Startup Wabbi Raises Over $2M in Seed Funding to Accelerate Continuous Security Adoption

BOSTON, MA - Nov 2, 2021 - Wabbi, a continuous security platform, announced today it has raised over $2 million in an oversubscribed seed funding round led by Mendoza Ventures, with participation from Cisco Investments. ...

Application Security is Eating Security…and Wabbi is Powering It.

A decade ago, Marc Andreessen declared software was eating the world. And he was right. Name something we do that isn't powered by software today - from the phones in our hands to the gas in our cars, and the meat on our tables. So, what's next in our software-powered...

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Why Your Marketing Team Wants SecDevOps

Why Your Marketing Team Wants SecDevOps

This post is the fourth in a five-part series where we’ll be digging into why SecDevOps enables every department in an enterprise – not just Security and Development –  to do their job better. The favorite phrase of security teams today is that “Security is...


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Wabbi Accepted into Microsoft for Startups

Wabbi Accepted into Microsoft for Startups

Partnering to Enable Enterprises to Adopt Secure DevOps for Competitive Advantage Boston – December 24th, 2020 – Wabbi announced today that they have been admitted to the Microsoft for Startups program, which partners with leading B2B startups to help successfully...

Wabbi Statement on Recent Events

Wabbi Statement on Recent Events

Like many people, my start of June 2020 has been filled with much conversation surrounding the protests around the country and the world in the wake of the death of George Floyd. As I believe we cannot fully understand and move forward until we take the time to absorb...

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